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Nature of Mangyshlak in pictures

Карта I went to Aktau this summer on vacation. I wanted to bathe in the sea, to lie on the beach, and to sunbathe a few hours a day. How ever newspapers and news TV told us about seals death on a shore of Caspian See. My summer holiday was almost broken. I have started internet for my computer and looked for some information about Mangyshlak and about Aktau. I found only one or two stories there. I have many information and pictures about Mangyshlak. I would like with to do a page in internet "Nature of Mangyshlak in pictures". I think it's good idea. You can see it here.

Have you some information or pictures Mangyshlak? You can send stories, poetry, and pictures about Mangyshlak via E-mail: aqtau@narod.ru. Your stories and your pictures will be write and publish on my site.

Andrew, Aktau, 29.06.2000

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Nature of Mangyshlak

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Nature of Mangyshlak
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