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Природа Мангышлака
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Elena and Vladimir Grigoryan

Elena and Vladimir Grigoryan are the unique union of two very talented artists. Each of them frames a personal credo, and where their Faith in the Spiritual Beginning of Life harmoniously complements their worldview.

The Grigoryan family have seen lots of different things in their lives: the happiness of creative youth, the tragedy of ethnic wars with the dreadful pain of loss, the difficult acguisition a new home in the land of Kazakhstan, and ultimately the gaining of peace and like-minded friends.

After all of these life experiences and spiritiual growth the artists main theme is the Divine sense of Forgiviness and Love.

Following the Bible, Vladimir and Elena Grigoryan exsplore the most concealed motives of the merging of divine and human values in live. Each of their works has been done concisely and accurately like a temple where wholehearted prayer to God is lifted up.

And a living idea of art, like a song is beingfilled up with a deep human feeling given to the glory of love that is the beginning of every real thing in the Universe.

V. Filatov

1987-1989 - Republican Exhibitions, Baku.
Sinse 1990 - Participated in different regional exhibitions.
1992-1999 - Personal exhibitions in Aktau.
1996, 1999 - Personal exhibitions, gallery "Tengri Umai", Almaty.
2000 - Personal exhibitions, USA "The Light of the World".

The artist's paintings are exhibited in the Kerch Art Gallery, and also are sold to the private collections in USA, Australia, England, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Austria, Indonesia, Hungary.

Elena Grigoryan

33.1K 36.6K 37.5K 41.9K 39.9K 50.9K

Vladimir Grigoryan

44.0K 27.8K 32.2K 35.5K 35.8K

Природа Мангышлака
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